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July 2022

In which P examines, explores, and most importantly interrogates a few favourite romantic ideas around being a writer.

June 2022

A think-aloud piece by T on a few onscreen stories that show us “the real India.” Or do they? And also, who is ‘us’?
Photograph by Balaji Srinivasan via Unsplash Who’s got the dibs on “real India”? Those who tell stories of rural India? (As if that’s a monolith). Those…

May 2022

Or the Case for the Invisible Woman
Summer is here. In Northern California, we are inching closer to the 100 F/37 C mark. Heatwaves have, of course, pushed India over the mark already…

April 2022

In which T talks about reading and writing like a translator
Lost in Translation, Aakhir Kyon?

March 2022

Bees Saal Pehle, or is it Baad?
Spring on our minds

February 2022

In which T explores who suffers in our stories and why?
In which we're dealing with Bollywood dealing with trauma